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Punchiscope – periscope for smokers

Punchiscope is like periscope, but dedicated to bong smokers. Never smoke alone. It offers anonmyisation. It will also have filters so that users can put googly eyes on themselves.

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So this is a really interesting moral question. You start and you have an online store that you can browse drugs used for date rape. It lists their effects and pundits can buy them – however we only ship … Continue reading

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flingerie – lingerie for your face

The idea here is that when something is that little bit hidden it is sexy, there is something to discover. So this is a series of fashion items which partly cover the face. Basically pieces of fabric attached to a … Continue reading

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Incoming car buzzer on your phone

The problem – electric cars are quiet and are therefore more dangerous to pedestrians. The/A solution – a phone app which buzzes as they get closer. Could potetially use 4G signals emitted from the drivers phone (and detect that it’s … Continue reading

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Software to guide through layoff

Software that guides you through the process of firing people so that you can offload some personal guilt / switch off higher thought processes such as guilt. Can guide person through some layoff counciling as well.

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Like fiverr but so you can get good looking people to model your product for you for small dollar outlay

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Equipment Tracker for building sites

AR with the camera sitting on the crane arm, those funny logo’s on helmets and equipment, so you can track and see where everything/everyone is on the top level of a construction site.

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