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Punchiscope — periscope for smokers

Pun­chis­cope is like periscope, but ded­i­cat­ed to bong smok­ers. Nev­er smoke alone. It offers anon­my­i­sa­tion. It will also have fil­ters so that users can put goo­gly eyes on themselves.

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So this is a real­ly inter­est­ing moral ques­tion. You start and you have an online store that you can browse drugs used for date rape. It lists their effects and pun­dits can buy them — how­ev­er we only ship … Con­tin­ue read­ing

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flingerie — lingerie for your face

The idea here is that when some­thing is that lit­tle bit hid­den it is sexy, there is some­thing to dis­cov­er. So this is a series of fash­ion items which part­ly cov­er the face. Basi­cal­ly pieces of fab­ric attached to a … Con­tin­ue read­ing

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Incoming car buzzer on your phone

The prob­lem — elec­tric cars are qui­et and are there­fore more dan­ger­ous to pedes­tri­ans. The/A solu­tion — a phone app which buzzes as they get clos­er. Could pote­tial­ly use 4G sig­nals emit­ted from the dri­vers phone (and detect that it’s … Con­tin­ue read­ing

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Software to guide through layoff

Soft­ware that guides you through the process of fir­ing peo­ple so that you can offload some per­son­al guilt / switch off high­er thought process­es such as guilt. Can guide per­son through some lay­off coun­cil­ing as well.

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Like fiverr but so you can get good look­ing peo­ple to mod­el your prod­uct for you for small dol­lar outlay

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Equipment Tracker for building sites

AR with the cam­era sit­ting on the crane arm, those fun­ny logo’s on hel­mets and equip­ment, so you can track and see where everything/everyone is on the top lev­el of a con­struc­tion site. 

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