This is like a stepometer but for children, and listens to how many times they say “Mum” in a day. “Muum, muuum, where’s mum?”. They get a quote of 100 mum’s and it buzzes when they hit 50, 75, 80, 90, and shocks them if they hit 100. Trains them to go look for mum instead of just walking around bellowing.

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  1. Elena says:

    Through diligence in anticipation of this problem we don’t get “MuuUUum” screamed around our house (as we were on top of it early), but instead the system got gamed by the extremely lazy contraction “Mah-dy”. For example “Maah-Dee, I neeEed heellp” (which translates to “come hither my slaves”).

    I also like to go with the comebacks: “look with your eyes, not with your mouth”, “are your legs painted on” and (the more direct) “we are not your slaves” (when it’s possible to get away with it anyway obv).

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