A societal change in the way we transport ourselves to and from places. Rather than a huge 2 ton monster, this is the size of a motorbike, fits one person lying down, and has no windows. It’s essentially a super up electric skateboard with incredibly low drag and safety profile – it immediately fills with foam on impact and cracks like an egg so the person oozes out. There is two forms: One you drive like you would drive mario kart (i.e. a screen and a controller), and one that drives itself. The idea is simple: Less materials, not even windows. It’s essentially a shell with a bunch of sockets for sensors, a layer of electronics, and then an inner clear shell that the user is in. Smaller battery because it’s 1/4 of the weight of an electric car.

It’s smaller parking. Can fit in gaps in the traffic, and essentially “goes like a bullet”.

Revolutionises personal individual transport.

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