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Excel Plugin for Calculations & Components

An excel plugin that allows you to submit calculations and components that are reuseable. So if you need to do a “exponential decay” you can search for it, choose the one you want, and click insert.

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Translation Word Plugin

The idea is that you would have one document, but each paragraph would be translated into another language. The app would allow you to show one of the languages or all of them, and would allow you to add a … Continue reading

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Watering System Planner Site

A site which has all the stats of various sprinkler heads where you can plot out the garden and it will auto-populate the most efficient watering system heads to buy, length of tube, connectors etc. The idea is that you … Continue reading

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Story booking via Google Voice & Google Image Search

This is a pretty simple idea that uses a hell of a lot of tech. It’s an app for phones & tablets. Basically you tell a story, like “once upon a time there was a big bad wolf”, and it … Continue reading

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