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“My Favourite Jeans”.com

This came up at a dinner – I was telling them about my subscription based clothing idea, and the girl was saying that her husband would be quite happy wearing the same style clothes for the rest of their life, … Continue reading

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Thermometer built into clothes for baby

My first baby related idea. You’re baby can’t tell you it’s too cold or too hot, it just cries. You have to work it out as a process of elimination. However if the clothes they were wearing had a thermometer … Continue reading

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Wallet with legs

I was thinking how cool it would be to have a wallet that had legs that would home in on a signal from your watch. I was thinking about it in terms of being robbed (they threaten you, you throw … Continue reading

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Instant Tradie

An extension to the Tradie Tracker tool – lets say you do it as a hosted service in the cloud. That means you have schedule data for a whole swath of tradies, and what they do. So using this, you … Continue reading

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