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Replicator Kits for Handymen

So this idea started as something and changed to something else. The original idea is that if you have a platform where people can sign up to become “replicators”, then customers use your service to get something 3d scanned and … Continue reading

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Mow you think you can dance?

A dance competition for council mowers. You send a drone up to capture the action from above. You’d have different divisions: Synchronised, individual, modern, classic etc.

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Jury Judge

Essentially the election ticker but for Jury’s – using facial recognition you have some algorithm which is able to detect the current jury verdict.

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A robot that can check ducts for blockages and leaks

What’s the best way for me to find which one of my ducts is leaking air? Send a robot into the actual duct with an IR camera or draft detector or something. Daddy long legs style.

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This is to solve the problem of well funded ideas on KickStarter going bust and not refunding. Essentially each project sets how much they will take from the pledge (e.g. 10%) which will fund the development. Then they take the … Continue reading

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