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Replicator Kits for Handymen

So this idea start­ed as some­thing and changed to some­thing else. The orig­i­nal idea is that if you have a plat­form where peo­ple can sign up to become “repli­ca­tors”, then cus­tomers use your ser­vice to get some­thing 3d scanned and repli­cat­ed. … Con­tin­ue read­ing

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Mow you think you can dance?

A dance com­pe­ti­tion for coun­cil mow­ers. You send a drone up to cap­ture the action from above. You’d have dif­fer­ent divi­sions: Syn­chro­nised, indi­vid­ual, mod­ern, clas­sic etc.

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Jury Judge

Essen­tial­ly the elec­tion tick­er but for Jury’s — using facial recog­ni­tion you have some algo­rithm which is able to detect the cur­rent jury verdict. 

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A robot that can check ducts for blockages and leaks

What’s the best way for me to find which one of my ducts is leak­ing air? Send a robot into the actu­al duct with an IR cam­era or draft detec­tor or some­thing. Dad­dy long legs style.

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This is to solve the prob­lem of well fund­ed ideas on Kick­Starter going bust and not refund­ing. Essen­tial­ly each project sets how much they will take from the pledge (e.g. 10%) which will fund the devel­op­ment. Then they take the … Con­tin­ue read­ing

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