Replicator Kits for Handymen

So this idea started as something and changed to something else.

The original idea is that if you have a platform where people can sign up to become “replicators”, then customers use your service to get something 3d scanned and replicated. Essentially each replicator would be sent a 3d scanner and 3d printer. Anything too big for the 3d printer would be sent back to a factory to be made at a industrial scale 3d printer.

So essentially you’ve got these experts who can come out, 3d scan something, and make it right there. So for example replacing the wheels on your dishwasher trolley.

But then I thought that actually, it would be better if you sold the kit & service to any handyman. Essentially the handyman buys the kit and a $10 a month subscription to be able to use the industrial scale machines.

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