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Clothing Site with Matched Clothes

So we’ve had an idea like this before. But this is a little extension. There are billions of people on this planet, so the idea that you have a unique body shape is cods-wallop. So the idea is that you … Continue reading

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Show Carriage On Train

So the idea is that you book tickets to a show, and you get seat numbers on a train on a carriage. You have no idea who the actors are or what’s going to happen, and of course a scene … Continue reading

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A slashdot like site that is news for teens that doesn’t pray on their insecurities and actually tries to enrich their lives through understanding.

In the book “Raising Girls” the author says that marketing intentionally makes teenage girls feel insufficient and that they need to go out and buy XYZ, or look like ABC. So I’d like to create a site which helps teenagers … Continue reading

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