Show Carriage On Train

So the idea is that you book tickets to a show, and you get seat numbers on a train on a carriage. You have no idea who the actors are or what’s going to happen, and of course a scene unfolds. The idea is that you get a bunch of really good improv guys to get all the train participants involved. I think you’d also put an actor in who’s acting like a viewer who has been dragged there by his wife or something, but of course he’s inextricably tied in with the plot (so that you think at the end: “You know what, he never actually said anything about being at a play… it was all about being dragged along by his wife on this train…”).

And then when the play is over you’re either back where you started or in a new place. Maybe intermission is at bungendore and then the second part is on the way back.

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