Clothing Site with Matched Clothes

So we’ve had an idea like this before. But this is a little extension. There are billions of people on this planet, so the idea that you have a unique body shape is cods-wallop. So the idea is that you buy clothes online and you can say whether they fit you or not. Apply this across the customer base and you can start to match up all the people who fit the same clothes. You can publish this by providing a percentage chance that it’ll fit them in the style that they like. Style! Yes, good idea, so you can also say “I like this style” etc and there will be others in the world which like the same style, possibly even someone who has the same body shape and same style tastes. So you essentially match those guys up to offer them clothes. What buyers get is a guarantee that after a bit of usage that our algorithms know what sizes and what styles to recommend and send, so you don’t spend forever sending 50% of the clothes back because they don’t fit.

Probably what would be a better idea is to implement it and sell it to something like ezybuy.

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