Shan­ty is a an app that allows you to record your­self singing a shan­ty, and then a sec­ond tool to “com­pose” your­self and as many oth­ers as you like. The idea is that you sing a shan­ty and then use the same shan­ty sung by oth­ers to cre­ate a full blown track. Any ad rev­enue is shared out to the orig­i­nal con­tent posters.

This is inspired by a par­tic­u­lary good youtube mix­up of a sea shan­ty. I may have rein­vent­ed Tik­Tok, I dun­no, I’ve nev­er used it.

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  1. Joey says:

    Not tik­tok, but is pret­ty much what you describe.

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