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My Kindergarten Teacher VR

This is a VR simulation of you as a five year old. You look up and a lovely warm motherly character says “Ooh poor thing, let’s get a bandaid on that. Here, have a hug,” and is generally just a … Continue reading

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VR Meditation Platform

After trying the new Occulus device I was impressed by just how immersive it was. Then whilst doing a guided meditation on InsightTimer I was finding it difficult to focus. Then it hit me: We should use a game dev … Continue reading

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VR game to help people exercise

So one of the big barriers to an overweight or inactive person going out and doing a bunch of exercise is that they suck at it and would be in the public eye. So imagine there’s a VR game where … Continue reading

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Mow you think you can dance?

A dance competition for council mowers. You send a drone up to capture the action from above. You’d have different divisions: Synchronised, individual, modern, classic etc.

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Story booking via Google Voice & Google Image Search

This is a pretty simple idea that uses a hell of a lot of tech. It’s an app for phones & tablets. Basically you tell a story, like “once upon a time there was a big bad wolf”, and it … Continue reading

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Swing Land

Swing land is a game where you are on a swing and you let go at just the right time to navigate through a maze of swings. You can stand, sit, and lie down on the swing, and perhaps even … Continue reading

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