VR Meditation Platform

After trying the new Occulus device I was impressed by just how immersive it was. Then whilst doing a guided meditation on InsightTimer I was finding it difficult to focus. Then it hit me: We should use a game dev platform like Unreal engine and/or 3d videos of natural surroundings to create a platform where practitioners can create interactive meditations. It’s not just sitting there, it’s doing things. For example, touching your hand to your head, and bringing out a thought, placing it on a leaf and watching it go down stream. Or taking a negative thought out as a piece of paper and crumpling it up. These are really powerful visualisations that the immersive world of VR can make real for people. Others might be to walk up to a closed door, picture the person inside, and say sorry through it. Or a bajillion others. The combination of environment & interactivity makes it much more powerful than a simple guided meditation in VR where you sit and do nothing.

The idea is that we would develop the platform ala Insight Timer for VR and publishers get free use of our APIs and tools to create content and revenue from our paid subscribers ala other social networks. VR content is free after an add ala youtube.

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