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Y’all Come Back Now Ya Hear

This is a product where companies can embed URLs into documents to get repeat customers. Not just “see more at” but “Got questions about this document? Here’s a link. Got a modification you want to make? Here’s a link.” … Continue reading

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AI assistant that can do case research / discovery like an assistant would. Point is that you don’t have to specify the search terms, it uses terms in the case file, snippets of text that have been highlighted and a … Continue reading

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App Ideas for Microsoft Teams Meetings can now have third party apps. Ideas: A big clock to record how long the meeting has been going on for Little mini start/stop clocks under it to keep people from talking for too long. AI that can … Continue reading

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Weekly – a daily tracking app from a sheet

So you’re doing some self improvement and want to take a measure of some aspect of your life daily. Now imagine that you could fire up a Google Sheet, whack in some columns, download an app, point it at that … Continue reading

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CarBed – Killer of Cities

Imagine you go to bed at night with your wife as per normal, but during the night your robotic bed wakes up, ferry’s you to the car and loads you in (think like a coffin into a hearse). The car … Continue reading

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Hydroponics using just energy and (sea?) water

So you can make Ammonia (NH3) by taking water molecules, splitting it into H2 and O2 via hydrolisisers, and then using a plasma (or the Haber Bosch technique) to combine the H2 with Nitrogen from the air to produce Ammonia … Continue reading

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