Weekly – a daily tracking app from a sheet

So you’re doing some self improvement and want to take a measure of some aspect of your life daily. Now imagine that you could fire up a Google Sheet, whack in some columns, download an app, point it at that Sheet and essentially turn it into a phone app that can help you to fill it in daily. It turns the sheet into a daily questionnaire, it has a daily reminder, and allows you to view the values over time. You still own all the data. It’s just the middle man and an opinionated system for how to interpret the sheet.

Why would anyone buy it? Well it turns the laborious work of filling something out into something a little more streamlined. No clicking in cells in Word on your phone to edit them…

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  1. Walkiria says:

    I really like this one for the boss to create a sheet for their staff on daily tasks. I would make monthly and yearly reviews a lot easier

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