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Funky Compression Wraps & Custom Hospital Robes

With the ageing population, we’re going to see a lot of chemists selling those light brown wraps, tapes and bandages. They’re boring. And old people are old, not dead (website: ?) – so they can purchase our line of … Continue reading

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Mr Squiggle

Locals submit photo’s of grafitti in public areas, a global community of artist “Mr Squiggle” it by turning the graffiti into art work. The winning design is paid for their work and a graffiti artist draws it. In this way … Continue reading

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Heliostat lotus flower

A work of art which looks similar to a lotus flower, but has some uses. In winter time it is “closed” but the petals track the sun to reflect the sun into windows on the south side of the house. … Continue reading

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Show Carriage On Train

So the idea is that you book tickets to a show, and you get seat numbers on a train on a carriage. You have no idea who the actors are or what’s going to happen, and of course a scene … Continue reading

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