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Crawl Space Suit

This is a suit that has an inbuilt thermal regulator to keep the occupant cool even though they are in a 50 degree C roof cavity. Tough material so catching it on beams and nails and whatever doesn’t tear it … Continue reading

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Sentinel Social Media Protection for Children & Teens

Social media stars, especially women or those who are campaigning for change often become targets. Their feeds get filled with junk, sometimes porn, threats etc. As a discerning parent I want my child to take action, but I don’t want … Continue reading

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Desalination via alternating current

Water flows through a rectangular pipe with some electro magnets on the outside: electro magnet —————- ======>water====> —————- electro magnet If you turn on the magnets all the chlorine (and a bunch of water) would go to one side, and … Continue reading

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VR forest bathing

I had this idea quite a while ago but I guess I never wrote it up. Essentially there are a bunch of mental health benefits from just being in nature, and this treatment called “forest bathing”. With VR this should … Continue reading

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