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A micro-investment platform where you can make a micro investment (e.g. $500) that bubbles up to the top level so that the controllers can participate in micro-lending or any form of lending that generates a profit for the microlend. This … Continue reading

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Pest Control Robot: Demyner

Indian myner birds are an introduced pest that aggressively take over nesting spots. The Demyner would sit in trees above nesting spots and would cattle-bolt each one that was going to come in… or maybe a nesting box that throws … Continue reading

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Pest Control Robot: Snip-er

This is a drone that can identify pattersons curse flowers and simply snip them off. This a noxious introduced species which can kill horses. The idea is that by cutting off the flowers, we’re stopping it from breeding and spreading. … Continue reading

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Pest Control Robot: Waspaway

I was bothered by a European Wasp today at lunch time. A notorious introduced species nobody likes. And I wondered whether you could have some pretty simple bait with a camera and smash any wasp that comes to the bait. … Continue reading

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Pest Control Robot: Ratsoff

I envision a large spider or snake like robot that essentially uses computer vision to keep your attic or roof space free of mice and spiders. It sits in wait, and then stalks its prey, kills it, and drops it … Continue reading

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This is a cross between a pogo-stick and electric scooters and is largely based on how kangaroo’s are an amazing creature. Each bounce can take them 9 meters. So Bounce! is a company that makes a ride on electric pogo … Continue reading

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Blocker Gloves

This probably exists but they are a shield that your child wears on the back of their hand when they are cutting in the kitchen. The shield extends beyond their middle knuckles just a fraction so that you know that … Continue reading

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