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Guide – the Google Assistant for children

After buying my daughter a tablet with Google Assistant and watching how poor it was at giving her answers to her questions I thought I could do better. She’s 6 years old and asks 6 year old questions. “Why are … Continue reading

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Blocker Gloves

This probably exists but they are a shield that your child wears on the back of their hand when they are cutting in the kitchen. The shield extends beyond their middle knuckles just a fraction so that you know that … Continue reading

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A bot that convinces you of your intrinsic value/self worth

This is a bot for psychological good. It is a chat bot, and it’s whole aim is to help you see your self worth (your intrinsic value). The idea is that it doesn’t pander to you, but it holds a … Continue reading

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A show to “graduate” a toddler from watching TV back to real life

So my 3 year old hates it when we turn the TV off. It’s like we’ve turned off the drug supply and she totally wigs out. My older daughter was the same at age 3. I would like to have … Continue reading

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Story booking via Google Voice & Google Image Search

This is a pretty simple idea that uses a hell of a lot of tech. It’s an app for phones & tablets. Basically you tell a story, like “once upon a time there was a big bad wolf”, and it … Continue reading

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So there’s two variations to this, one is a circular playmat that has a cord running around the outside, you simply lift up the by the cord and it collapses the playmat into a “sack”. The second is a rectangular … Continue reading

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A slashdot like site that is news for teens that doesn’t pray on their insecurities and actually tries to enrich their lives through understanding.

In the book “Raising Girls” the author says that marketing intentionally makes teenage girls feel insufficient and that they need to go out and buy XYZ, or look like ABC. So I’d like to create a site which helps teenagers … Continue reading

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Baby Grows Too Fast Clothes Subscription

This idea is a little like our idea for having a clothing subscription for people who are too busy or lazy to go out and buy clothes, but still want some reasonably fashionable things to wear. Except this is for … Continue reading

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Fighting Fantasy Books as eBooks

I think the “Fighting Fantasy” books which I grew up with could make a pretty big come back in the eBook era – essentially they become a text based game. The issue become being able to run it on the … Continue reading

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Microphone games and TV experience

This is AAF’s idea. He was toying with the joys of having a microphone hooked up to a pair of headphones. Essentially the conversation started with this, but we quickly discovered that a cool kids game might be to actually … Continue reading

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