A bot that convinces you of your intrinsic value/self worth

This is a bot for psychological good. It is a chat bot, and it’s whole aim is to help you see your self worth (your intrinsic value). The idea is that it doesn’t pander to you, but it holds a mirror up to show you the parts of what you’re telling it which make you intrinsically valuable, just being alive and being you. This is a bit of CBT, but it should be something that is doable as a bot because really it doesn’t need any smarts. It’s taking what you’re saying and showing you the positive side of it, the positive effects you have on the world, or how you engage with the world. Like CBT, it’s better if it has material to work with to remind those who are struggling of who they are and what they mean to others. For example, over the course of a chat with it, it could remind you of some of the positive experiences that you’ve had with your children, and that you mean something to them.

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