“My Favourite Jeans”.com

This came up at a din­ner — I was telling them about my sub­scrip­tion based cloth­ing idea, and the girl was say­ing that her hus­band would be quite hap­py wear­ing the same style clothes for the rest of their life, but their body is an odd shape and it’s quite hard to get clothes that fit.

So that’s when we came up with the “MyFavouriteJeans.com” idea — essen­tial­ly some­one sends in their favourite pair of jeans (phys­i­cal­ly) and we have a team of real­ly great tai­lors which make an exact copy of the jeans — to the cur­rent dimen­sions, the worn in ones. The idea is to tack­le when cloth­ing trends change and you can no longer get the trend which you like.

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