A site to match CTO’s and CEO’s

This is solving the problem of matching up CTO’s and CEO’s – I read an article (http://www.forbes.com/sites/venkateshrao/2011/12/05/the-rise-of-developeronomics/) which says “Cartoons of homeless-looking CEOs holding up signs that say “Looking for a technical co-founder” are doing the rounds. Heck, I am one of these talent hunters (any star iOS developers out there interested in working with me?).”  – So obviously there are CEOs looking for CTOs, but then at the google developer conference someone asked the startup panel how you find a CEO, and they asked who here is non-technical and like 10 people put their hands up (out of a hundred or so). So obviously there is a need for this. And what I was thinking was this:

Parnter up with one of the romance / match making sites and customise the rules a little bit. At the bottom of it is a personal relationship that will work out and an idea. That is all. Then you charge a bit of premium, CEO’s who want technical people and technical people who want business people use the site to find like minded people who believe in the idea.

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  1. gemmell says:

    This is similar to our idea of having a moderated idea mining site. I dunno where it is, it’s in there somewhere.

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