Jumpy Leggings

I suf­fer from Rest­less Leg Syn­drome and recent­ly it’s got­ten bad enough that I’m start­ing to look into rem­e­dys. So far the only that works is get­ting out of bed and doing chair pose against a wall or squats. Only then can I get back to sleep. But my entire body rebels against get­ting out of bed to do so at 3am in the morning. 

In the US there are vibrat­ing pads which claim to help. So I was think­ing that I can fix my Jumpy Legs with Jumpy Leg­gings — bike shorts that pro­vide some sort of stim­u­la­tion (either vibra­tions or per­haps direct minute elec­tric stim­u­la­tion) to help suf­fer­ers of RLS like myself.

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