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Version control system / build system which builds script to rebuild that version into the binary. Ie application is a.exe, a.exe –make-build-script would create a make script which would get the correct version from revision control system and assuming the … Continue reading

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Map of positive experience

An app/site which people log positive experiences on, saves location. There is a restricted language for entering experiences to enable only positive experiences.

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Personal positioning system

Use a bunch of blue tooth devices to triangulate each device so you can create mappings between screens to allow drag and drop between devices

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Shopping list navigation

Use shopping list cross referenced with map of shops to efficiently do your shopping. Could also use historical data to improve order and predict shopping time. Could also suggest best time of day further reduce time. Free for shoppers but … Continue reading

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Remind me when smart phone application

An always running app which will remind you to do things based on time, location and your environment. “remind me next time I sere simon to tell him about this idea” it uses bluetooth to tell that I’m close to … Continue reading

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Beam forming audio for sports – 3d.

Simon read about basket ball games which used multiple mics for focusing audio during basketball games.could we use similar technology for both augmenting tv but also add 3d sound to live games?

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Uml runtime visualisation library

A library which allows/inspects running code and displays class and sequence diagrams for instrumented classes. Maybe something we could write for qt and sell to nokia or be a partner.

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Auditory augmented realty

Use audio to augment locations, like audio tour. Could sell bike riding etc self guided tours, maybe even crowd sourced titbits of information too.

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DJ – Dance Vision

Djs as well as spinning their sick beats also choreograph dance sections for the crowd.  This is a combination of cool stick man style graphics (or better) displayed using projectors and linked to musical hooks.  This can make the DJ … Continue reading

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Traffic Light Auctions

As GPS becomes ubiquitous traffic lights can be changed due to measured traffic flow.  To make this a monied service user of the traffic lights can bid to improve their chances of a ‘green run’.  The auctions can be held … Continue reading

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