P2P Crowd Sourced Music

So this one is pretty out there. It’s not actually my idea, it’s Neil Stephenson’s. But the implementation can be had now that technology has advanced somewhat.

The idea is that rather than paying to go to a rave to see an artist, everybody who joins the rave participates in creating the music. So what is the tech? Well I think it’s an pair of headphones, some accelerators, vibration sensors, perhaps others (perhaps just in the headphones), bluetooth and Deep Learing. How it works is that as people move, it generates a sound (based on training data of people wearing the same stuff but dancing to regular rave music). That sound they can hear in their own ears (i.e. feedback on what that are doing) but others within their bluetooth range also get a “taste” of it – it’s not as loud as the generator, but it can be picked up on – if someone else picks up this embellishment and makes a movement in relation to it, it strengthens that and the network effect takes over. If they start to quicken their pace towards a climatic finale then the music would pick up on this too.

You could also take away the P2P element and have it all shoot back to home base and blasted out some speakers at the front.

Note the date of the idea: I had it after the Birth of Reuben.

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