Instead of spending bajilions creating fake meat, why not take a meat that’s considered not very paletable e.g. kangaroo, and use some food science to transform the taste to something more like beef?

This is based on a little article about how casein binds to things in fats that probably give it that gamey flavour and smell. So if this startup can use food science methods to essentially “transform” the taste you can end up with burgers that are ecologically sustainable (kangaroos are very green) but still mean based, but taste great.

It’s actually pretty crazy that we have to cull kangaroo’s so they don’t overpopulate. There’s no need to even farm them. They don’t emit methane. They’re ideal if we can make it a popular meat. But we haven’t been able to do that, so it’s time to transform kangaroo meat into something else.

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