An outlook plugin to help manage emailed documents

After all these years, and all these meth­ods of shar­ing doc­u­ments, peo­ple still just attach a doc­u­ment to an email and send it. And along with that comes the very real pain of man­ag­ing mul­ti­ple ver­sions. What if there was some­thing that sat in an indi­vid­u­als inbox and essen­tial­ly gave them a view of what’s been going on with that doc­u­ment? Like the “Impor­tant Doc­u­ment Rev 1.2 (final) (draft) (shared) 3” doc­u­ment you just sent has the same con­tent as anoth­er Jill sent you last week, there­fore it’s two ver­sions of the same doc­u­ment. And you can dis­play that as a timeline. 

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