Krilling It

Land based krill aqua­cul­ture as a food base for a civ­i­liza­tion that is destroy­ing itself via over con­sump­tion. The log­ic is: Grow some sim­ple, fast life cycle organ­isms that eat algae but con­tain enough nutri­ents to feed the biggest mam­mal on the plan­et. And you essen­tial­ly have giant vats of them fed by algae and saline water (farm­ing on an inland salt plain? Desali­nates and all!). You grow them, drain the water, recy­cle through the sys­tem like a giant aquapon­ics sys­tem (the efflu­ent of the krill is food for the algae), then dry or press the krill depend­ing on what you’re try­ing to do. 

Sell to the aqua­cul­ture indus­try as food, the vit­a­min sup­ple­ment indus­try (krill is high in omega 3), and start exper­i­ment­ing with cre­at­ing food sup­ple­ments for humans using it. They are, after all, like tiny crustaceans. 

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