I hate the med­ical sys­tem. It’s trans­ac­tion­al. For $70 some­one will lis­ten and try and diag­nose your prob­lem in 15 min­utes. I have nev­er been to a doc­tor and come away with a response beyond “let’s get some basic blood tests done”. Which of course shows nothing.

Now con­trast it with the We Care Doc­tors Surgery. When you come in and sit down, our recep­tion­ist comes to you and asks you if you are com­fort­able and whether you want some tea or cof­fee. You sip your tea in this love­ly tran­quil envi­ron­ment until some­one calls you in. A nice lady sits you down for 30 min­utes and just has a chat to you. She’s not try­ing to diag­nose any­thing, she’s there to lis­ten to your woes. She’s actu­al­ly a trained met­al health work­er. She says things like “that must be tough” and “you must real­ly be suf­fer­ing”. You feel heard. She goes into the next room to have a word to the Doc­tor, giv­ing them a run down.

Final­ly, you are shown into the Doc­tor’s office where she already has had a bit of a think about what to do and what is real and what is not. She can get down to the nit­ty gritty.

There are sev­er­al advan­tages to this approach. Peo­ple come ear­ly so they can have a cup of tea and put their feet up in a beau­ti­ful relax­ing area. Peo­ple look for­ward to going to the doc­tor. They come out of the place feel­ing like they’ve been heard and some­body real­ly cares. And of course, it would get sim­i­lar med­ical results, if not better.

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