I hate the medical system. It’s transactional. For $70 someone will listen and try and diagnose your problem in 15 minutes. I have never been to a doctor and come away with a response beyond “let’s get some basic blood tests done”. Which of course shows nothing.

Now contrast it with the We Care Doctors Surgery. When you come in and sit down, our receptionist comes to you and asks you if you are comfortable and whether you want some tea or coffee. You sip your tea in this lovely tranquil environment until someone calls you in. A nice lady sits you down for 30 minutes and just has a chat to you. She’s not trying to diagnose anything, she’s there to listen to your woes. She’s actually a trained metal health worker. She says things like “that must be tough” and “you must really be suffering”. You feel heard. She goes into the next room to have a word to the Doctor, giving them a run down.

Finally, you are shown into the Doctor’s office where she already has had a bit of a think about what to do and what is real and what is not. She can get down to the nitty gritty.

There are several advantages to this approach. People come early so they can have a cup of tea and put their feet up in a beautiful relaxing area. People look forward to going to the doctor. They come out of the place feeling like they’ve been heard and somebody really cares. And of course, it would get similar medical results, if not better.

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