Chat Grease

The problem: Text is devoid of emotion. Emoticons do a great job of lightening things up a bit. However us geeks aren’t exactly known for being socially aware. I find that I can read text, and depending on my frame of mind, read it with whatever tone suits my feelings at that point. Plus geeks are notoriously rude and condescending, which can affect team performance and cohesion.

Chat Grease reduces the friction that occurs in text based conversations.

Chat Grease is a service that can take text, and
A) annotate it with emoticons to make it “lighter”; or
B) change the text slightly to be friendlier;
C) Give you a warning that particular passages are in danger of upsetting other people.

The idea is that people don’t get upset when there is no reason to, and that the tone of conversations stays light. This service takes text and can do any of the aforementioned 3 services, which means that you can create plugins for email clients, slack etc.

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