Good Times 4 Bad Times Phone/Photo App

One thing about depres­sion is that you can’t see any­thing good. Good Times 4 Bad Times is an appli­ca­tion that runs on your phone (plugs in to Google pho­to’s?) that asks you some real­ly spe­cif­ic ques­tions about your mood and then asks you to pick some­thing from recent­ly record­ed videos & pho­tos that shows some spe­cif­ic val­ue you bring to the world. For exam­ple, I am a good father to my chil­dren — pho­to of the kids smil­ing at the camera. 

Then there is a big red but­ton “HELP”, which essen­tial­ly puts it into a mode where it proves to you that you have value. 

You are a good father: video of you play­ing with your child from last month.
You are well loved: pho­to of your part­ner smil­ing from last week.

Basi­cal­ly the whole premise is about record­ing some things like “I am well loved”, “I am a good per­son” with pho­tos and video evi­dence. Essen­tial­ly your good-times-self prov­ing to your bad-times-self that you have intrin­sic val­ue. It is easy to see how you have a pos­i­tive impact on the world when you’re not “in the hole”, and it’s impos­si­ble when you are down in the dumps. So this app is sim­ply you prov­ing to your­self that you have intrin­sic val­ue, and that you should sol­dier through. 

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