Good Times 4 Bad Times Phone/Photo App

One thing about depression is that you can’t see anything good. Good Times 4 Bad Times is an application that runs on your phone (plugs in to Google photo’s?) that asks you some really specific questions about your mood and then asks you to pick something from recently recorded videos & photos that shows some specific value you bring to the world. For example, I am a good father to my children – photo of the kids smiling at the camera.

Then there is a big red button “HELP”, which essentially puts it into a mode where it proves to you that you have value.

You are a good father: video of you playing with your child from last month.
You are well loved: photo of your partner smiling from last week.

Basically the whole premise is about recording some things like “I am well loved”, “I am a good person” with photos and video evidence. Essentially your good-times-self proving to your bad-times-self that you have intrinsic value. It is easy to see how you have a positive impact on the world when you’re not “in the hole”, and it’s impossible when you are down in the dumps. So this app is simply you proving to yourself that you have intrinsic value, and that you should soldier through.

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