GRIT: a distributed fashion brand

The idea behind GRIT is that to make it as an entrepreneur you have to have GRIT. How can you topple a brand like Nike and Reebok? You go distributed. So GRIT is about making a clothing brand that is build on a franchising model such that someone in NY can apply and start selling GRIT clothing into clothing stores in NY. Someone can do the same in Sydney. They essentially become the wholesale sales/suppliers can take any profit they make. Essentially I am the distribution channel, and publish a catalogue. They can choose + order + sell. The whole idea hinges on them having “grit” to get-the-f out there and sell to shops. If they don’t make quota, you give someone else a chance.

A second level to this is that we have a site that allows budding designers to submit designs. We publish it into our catalogue, and it may find it’s way into fashion stores. This will also be a part of the GRIT branding, because it will allow those guys to work for GRIT for a while before starting their own brand.

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