Energy Transmission

Australia is big, how do we move electricity efficiently between (nuclear) power plants and the people.  Cable loss is significant.  Small scale power plants (solar, gas, wind) are all good because they can be located close to populations.  Bigger (coal, nuclear, solar farms) need to transport the power to multiple capital cities.  How should we do this.  Add comments to this post as we have ideas.

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3 Responses to Energy Transmission

  1. fletcher says:

    Make bricks of aluminum which is then transported by train and burnt in small power stations close to population centers. The aluminum oxide is then trained back to the big power station / refinery.

  2. gemmell says:

    Make solar cells at a factory next to the nuclear power plant. The losses are then very small, and you can send the solar cell to anywhere to generate the power there. Essentially the cells are batteries, they take energy to manufacture, and then generate/refund energy for the rest of their lives.

  3. fletcher says:

    Re-solar cells. We could use the solar cells to power the trains that move the cells to the markets as well.

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