What this is is a magnetic backboard that you attach to your ceiling, and then a magnetic clasp which you clasp over a book. The clasp keeps the book shut, and because it’s magnetic, sticks to the magnetic backboard. Essentially means you can extend your library right up onto the ceiling. The books would be spine out, so it would work nicely. Take the book down, unclip the clasp and open to read.

It could also be used to build a “shelfless” bookshelf. Because it’s being held in position by a magnet, you could make cool shapes with your books on your library wall. It would also mean you can maximise your space – none of this small book on large shelf stuff!

Going a step further, you can put rfid in the clasp so that it can’t be opened except if you have a key. I don’t know why anyone would want this.

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2 Responses to Ceilibrary

  1. gemmell says:

    MagicBookshelf, FloatingBookshelf, Book!Shelf

  2. fletcher says:

    Maybe the RFID would be better used to search the books.

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