The plan is that we will use the comments in this post to explore ideas for how to produce simple desalination.

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3 Responses to Desalination

  1. fletcher says:

    We could also reduce evaporation on our dams which would reduce the need for desalination.

  2. gemmell says:

    Geothermal energy + salt water = desal. What we do is go to a “hot spot” in the sea, and stick down a massive pipe so that the top end is out of the water. Basically this means that the pipe is full of air, but it’s really hot at the bottom. Then you release some salt water into the pipe, it is heated, which makes it evaporate and rise up, and by the time it reaches the top of the pipe it’s cooled and is forming droplets on the sides of the pipe. Energy inputs are minimal except for getting the water to it’s end location.

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  3. fletcher says:

    Geothermal is awesome, most places which have hot spots close to the surface may have high rainfall, but that just requires deeper digging. I think that you should make this idea a new page of its own, we need to put some more pictures up (ascii is good but the design of the pipe thing will be fun to draw up more!!)

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