Baby Grows Too Fast Clothes Subscription

This idea is a little like our idea for having a clothing subscription for people who are too busy or lazy to go out and buy clothes, but still want some reasonably fashionable things to wear. Except this is for babies.

Babies grow really fast, and every other week you have to go to the shops to buy some clothes. This subscription service would enable a parent to subscribe and give an age and we would send them clothes for their region/climate periodically. Even if the clothes are too big, they would grow into them, so you’d send them a little early (big clothes are better than too small) and you’d have feedback forms in case the child is growing faster than the 50th percentile.

They can subscribe to this ad-infinitum, maybe it goes onto the adult one of getting fashionable clothing.

An interesting extension to this idea is the idea of renting baby clothes. They’re in clothes for a few months, so for the premium subscription you get the top of the line brand new osh kosh stuff sent out to you. The bottom of the line subscription gets you clothes which have been rented out X amount of times. They’re still good, it’s just a managed system of hand me downs rather than just giving to people you know. Obviously you’d have to ‘encourage’ people to send the clothes back.

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