Reducing Roadkill

How much does road­kill cost soci­ety? Both in acci­dents, injuries, and the eco­log­i­cal toll? I bet nobody’s done the num­bers, but it seems to me that if we can reduce road kill, then nobody is going to lose out. This is a series of ideas I had. 

Idea 1: A drone that flies 50 m in front of the car, if it iden­ti­fies an ani­mal it can buzz down to try and shoe it away from the road or it can just “sound the alarm” (visu­al­ly) so you know to start hit­ting the brakes RIGHT NOW. Prob­lem is that no drone can go 100km/h for 3 hours, so it’s use­less for a trip down the coast. 

Idea 2: Drones that sit along side the road and essen­tial­ly guard the perime­ter of the road…

Idea 3: An attach­ment on every sin­gle one of those red and white reflec­tors on the side of the road to give it a heat sens­ing cam­era and some smarts to iden­ti­fy ani­mals and a light. When one of the reflec­tors detects an ani­mal it com­mu­ni­cates to all the oth­er reflec­tors around it which can also light up to alert a user that there is an obstruction/animal on the road up ahead and to start slow­ing down. The reflec­tor that has detect­ed the ani­mal can also shine a light on it (and you’ll prob­a­bly get mul­ti­ple) to illu­mi­nate it so that it can be seen on dark roads well in advance. 

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