Kids TV exercise park

Kids these days. They don’t appreciate the need to work to get things. You plug a TV in and you can just turn it on. You turn the tap on, water comes out. It’s all free.

Kids also love TV. They can’t get enough. And so I’d like to propose that we develop a set of small exercise bikes that can be connected to a TV. If the kids want to watch TV, they can bloody power the thing.

The idea here is to give them a feeling for what it means to work for your reward. They want to watch TV? Well they have to put the effort in. And then if one of them is slacking off, the others will get cranky. They’ll have to be a team, or work out their differences, or nobody gets to watch TV.

As a side benefit they’ll get fit, and they won’t be able to sit there and watch TV for hours and hours because they’ll get too tired.

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