Whole Health Centers

I believe that the medical profession is losing trust at an alarming rate. I don’t like that people are turning to stupid things like homeopathy, but by the same token a natropath will sit down with you for an hour and try and work through what’s going on, try different things which may not have statistically significant impacts in the medical sense but may still have effects on particular individuals.

What I’m proposing are “general health centers” where a GP, a psychologist, a physio and a natropath all work together to solve a particular persons woes. Importantly the doctor is not booking in 15 minute sessions and rushing through to get to a diagnosis. These aren’t shams, they are real doctors, physios etc, the difference is the amount of time and style of treatment. Yes the GPs are paid less, but they also can actually care for people.

I think a service like this would attract people if it were no more pricey than seeing a doctor, especially if they have a hard to pin down ailment.

Home of the hard to diagnose.

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