Pest Control Robot: Demyner

Indian myner birds are an introduced pest that aggressively take over nesting spots. The Demyner would sit in trees above nesting spots and would cattle-bolt each one that was going to come in… or maybe a nesting box that throws the bird out if it’s not the right bird. Same sort of vision recognition software as the other pest control robots.

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Pest Control Robot: Snip-er

This is a drone that can identify pattersons curse flowers and simply snip them off. This a noxious introduced species which can kill horses. The idea is that by cutting off the flowers, we’re stopping it from breeding and spreading. Obviously the same concept applies to other forms of noxious weeds. The idea is that farmers can run this over their paddocks and surrounding fields to ensure that it never gets a foothold in the feed area.

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Pest Control Robot: Waspaway

I was bothered by a European Wasp today at lunch time. A notorious introduced species nobody likes. And I wondered whether you could have some pretty simple bait with a camera and smash any wasp that comes to the bait. Solar powered, set and forget, watch the pile of wasps build up underneath. You can stick your finger in it, no problems, spiders, dragon flies, paper wasp or other insect, no problems, european wasp, bam. Really targeted elimination of a particular species.

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Pest Control Robot: Ratsoff

I envision a large spider or snake like robot that essentially uses computer vision to keep your attic or roof space free of mice and spiders. It sits in wait, and then stalks its prey, kills it, and drops it out the side of the house (or maybe bags it?) and sends you a text. Rat traps and baits are hit and miss, and the baits can end up in owls and poison them. This robot is like a predatory roomba. So much better.

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This is a cross between a pogo-stick and electric scooters and is largely based on how kangaroo’s are an amazing creature. Each bounce can take them 9 meters. So Bounce! is a company that makes a ride on electric pogo stick that is largely based on the bouncy ankle joint and tail of a kangaroo. Essentially a mechanical body and legs with handlebars and a big tail. You become the top half of the kangaroo. You have to use your legs a bit like a pogo stick to both absorb a bit of landing shock and to give yourself a nice big leap, but how much fun would it be to “bounce” down the bike path at 70km/h (the speed of a kangaroo)!

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Blocker Gloves

This probably exists but they are a shield that your child wears on the back of their hand when they are cutting in the kitchen. The shield extends beyond their middle knuckles just a fraction so that you know that if they’ve got their fingers in behind that shield that they can’t possibly be chopping their fingers off.

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Cephalopod Based Robotic Exoskeleton For Farming

Talking to my daughter one evening, I realised I had no idea how the arms of an octopus even work. So after some research and my delight, I was entirely taken with muscular hydrostatics. Which got me thinking about robots and their applications, and whether an 8 armed exoskeleton that could walk on those arms like an octopus does could be useful. And I can see a world where flexible exoskeletons replace tractors on farms. For instance 6 of the independent limbs could work together to create some pretty strong positions to do some heavy lifting with the other 2. It would be able to traverse any terrain, and have the ultimate adaptable tool in the form of a tentacle (though they’re not actually called tentacles on octopus, they’re arms, tentacles are different).

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Video Chat Catch Up for Later

Perhaps this is now possible with MS teams allowing plugins, but the idea is that when you have people who come late to a meeting, you either wait for them or you repeat yourself. With the VC4Later addition to the VC platform the late participant can hear everything that’s happened up until this point on 2x speed. So if they are 5 minutes late, they enter the conversation at 10 minutes having heard everything to this point.

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Y’all Come Back Now Ya Hear

This is a product where companies can embed URLs into documents to get repeat customers. Not just “see more at” but “Got questions about this document? Here’s a link. Got a modification you want to make? Here’s a link.” And it takes you to a form, links the details up to the companies internal case/product/customer management software and voila, fully qualified work that is perfectly contextualised & linked to the work that was sent that just appears at your door because you made it really easy for that to happen.

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AI assistant that can do case research / discovery like an assistant would. Point is that you don’t have to specify the search terms, it uses terms in the case file, snippets of text that have been highlighted and a knowledge of what it means to build a case to go and do the things it needs to do.

Or perhaps it’s a chat bot where you can be like: Go find all the cases related to XYZ and it intelligently does so. TBH I know nothing about ediscovery. But having an “intern” like AI that can dig stuff up for you sounds handy.

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