Case Note Outsourcing

This is a service where people who have to work with their hands such as dentists or physio’s can just do a regular consultation, and someone is listening (in a 3rd world country) and taking notes. At the end of the consultation, the physio just checks the notes, and rates the note-taker. Perhaps it goes one step further and it’s a remote desktop session where someone is actually driving the practice management software to fill in the necessary fields.

Why would anyone buy this product? If you own a practice and your physio is not spending 10 minutes after each consultation writing up case notes, they can see more patients, generate more revenue.

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Personal Mental Trainer

How many times have you heard that positivity is like a muscle that you need to train? “Say to yourself in the mirror XYZ every morning for 21 days” etc. Doing it is not so easy, and it’s the same problem as physical training, sometimes you just need someone to help you build that muscle or reach that goal. So my idea is to create a team of PMT’s (Personal Trainers of Mental Health).

So that’s what this is. A personal trainer for your brain. They’re not a clinical psychologist, they’re just someone who is bright and enthusiastic and can help you to go through the steps each morning or at some time after work to help you build your positive attitude, to break you out of your downward cycle.

This has to be cheap, like $30 per hour cheap, because it’s not psychology (even though it is), it’s an accessible and practical application of psychology to train the muscle in the brain. A set of exercises facilitated by someone with a strong personality, “tell me 3 things you love about yourself!”. Yes you can do them on your own, same as you can go to the gym on your own, but most people, especially those in a slump, need something or someone to help.

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Phallet, the phone built into a wallet.

Phones are taking over wallets. You can use your phone to pay for stuff, use rewards cards etc. But my driver’s license is not on my phone and the government goes to great lengths to make them difficult to copy.

So instead, let’s make a flip phone that’s also a wallet. Essentially wallet form, but with a screen and speaker in one side, mic in the other.

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“$10,000 No Repeat Work Day” winner

The local radio station has a $10,000 guarantee that they won’t repeat the same song within a day. If they do, and you ring up and point it out, they give you $10,000. Seems to me that this would be easily automated: You stream it (or even lower tech, i.e. fm radio output directly to mic input) and pass it through shazam, which identifies the song and can therefore tell alert you as soon as the system recognises a song that’s been repeated. It texts you, you call, $10,000 bam. There’s probably a solid 10 of these radio station guarantees in Australia…

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Reintroduce Prism Lighting

Whilst looking at lenses and prisms for lighting up dark spaces, I came across the concept of Prism Lighting. Essentially instead of a flat pane of glass, a glass with prisms that refract the light in different directions depending on where it strikes the glass. The interesting bits are that whilst the same amount of light is hitting the window, the room can actually feel brighter because our eyes don’t perceive light intensity linearly.

The technique fell out of fashion when we invented the light bulb, but I’m wondering if a resurgence perhaps using modern manufacturing techniques could usher in a new fashion for windows to make each and every room brighter.

Perhaps even a material that is able to change it’s shape during the day to optimize the light distribution in a room as the sun moves.

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PlotLine AI Book Generator

The idea here is that you take a bunch of best sellers in a particular category and you sketch out the plot line of each book by highlighting a passage and basically summarising it: “Joseph comes home to find his wife murdered”. So you end up with a bunch of these statements.

You then take all that, and use some Machine Learning to essentially generate text the other way. So you sketch out a basic plot line, and the algorithm spits out some plausible template like text that gives it the right structure. Depending on how good it is, it might even be good enough to be called a terrible first draft that just needs a lot of editing.

An extension of it is that it actually turns your plot into a questionnaire to generate the book: “Describe Josheph’s home”, “Describe the murder scene”, “Enter dialog, Joseph”…

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Digital Advertising Business as Publishers

Publishing books is one industry that seems ripe for disruption. You can already self publish through a range of digital formats, most notably kindle & amazon, but this leaves anybody developing a children’s book which is meant to be a tactile thing you hold in your hands at the mercy of publishers. The main problem is that if you want to get your book published, and in bookstores, you need reach, and advertising. So I’m wondering if a digital advertising agency, or “creative agency” (e.g. can hire a guy who’s knowledgeable about publishing and use all the digital advertising techniques to get the book at the forefront of people’s mind, and set up a system that gets the book sellers to order directly from Amazon Print on Demand.

The point is just that they replace the traditional book publishers with a new method that achieves the same goal but passes on a bunch more money to the actual author.

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Self Reflection: The health mirror

So this is a combination of two previous ideas. One is the smart mirror / mirror mirror on the wall idea where you have an AI like presence in the mirror that can display certain things. The other idea is this concept that recording a message for yourself when you’re up can help you when you’re down.

I’ve just learned about “mirror work” or “mirror play” – essentially it’s about self acceptance. And you stare at yourself and say “The world loves me”. The idea is that you begin to accept yourself. Now I wonder if you can make a smart mirror that can see you, notice your expression, and pop up a version of yourself that is happier, smiling, or says something like “Simon, the world loves you”. It’s technology for technologies sake, but perhaps there is an angle where an AI coach can be “watching out” for you, recognise your mood when you look in a mirror, and give you the prompts for you to recognise and fix the scenario.

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Train Training Car

So in places like England, it’s entirely plausible to live out in the country and catch a train into say London for work. But the commutes are long. I guess similar to living in Gosford and commuting to Sydney which is 1.5 hours. Now wouldn’t it be great if there was a car on the train that was full of exercise equipment (treadmills, bikes, elliptical trainers etc) that you could use on that journey. That way you can hit the gym and do some exercise every day on the way to and from work. Any electricity you generate for the train is deducted from your gym fees. You’d put a couple of showers each end, ask patrons to respect others by not being smelly bastards, and charge a motza for access!

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Magic dissappearing microfibre glasses case

I don’t know about you, but I lose the little microfibre sack that comes with sunglasses as soon as I take the glasses out of it. I put the case wherever, and it’s never seen again. So this idea is part magic trick, part gimmick, part practical. What we do is that we have that super fine microfibre sack attached to a tiny cord with a mechanism such that after you’ve taken the glasses out of the bag, and as you open the foldable glasses, it pulls the bag into the cavity in one of the arms of the glasses. When you fold it again you can see an edge of the case poking out of the arm of the glasses and can tug it out and wrap it around the glasses.

Take glasses out of case. Open glasses. Case disappears. Magic. There’s probably a bunch of physics getting in the way here. But perhaps if you paired with a professional magician they could build something like this – it is after all a very similar trick to all their others.

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