Microphone games and TV experience

This is AAF’s idea. He was toying with the joys of having a microphone hooked up to a pair of headphones. Essentially the conversation started with this, but we quickly discovered that a cool kids game might be to actually just have a couple of microphones keyed to a couple of headphones. It’s like hide and go seek – you both hide your token, and give the headphones keyed to your token to the other kid/person. You then run around the house making noise trying to work out where it is and it’s a race to see who can find it first.

The other cool thing we discussed was whether you could stitch a microphone into a ball, maybe have a tiny antenna on the rubber nipple used to blow it up. Then you would really get close to the action, as you’d hear what happened with the ball. This would be cool in two ways – the players could wear them, and use the ball to communicate (e.g. “Go long!”), and it would be rad to kick a ball and hear it from the balls perspective when it hits the post. And secondly as a TV experience – people could actually hear what happens at the bottom of a scrum from the balls perspective.

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