Ambient Noise Locator System

This idea stems from me want­i­ng to be able to point my phone at Andrew and it know that it’s point­ing at anoth­er phone run­ning the same app. This would allow my phone to super­im­pose a large dark cloud over him because he’s set his phone sta­tus to “Angry”.

The way we could do this is to bor­row the DF algo­rithm. Essen­tial­ly both phones lis­ten to ambi­ent nois­es, do FFT’s on them and then share phase dif­fer­ences. So long as the sounds are com­ing from dif­fer­ent direc­tions it should be able to vague­ly work out where AAFs phone is in rela­tion to mine. The only prob­lem with this is that the phone still does­n’t know which direc­tion it’s point­ing, so it does­n’t know it’s point­ing at the oth­er phone.… hrrm unsolved. See next blog for ideas from this one.

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