How does this policy affect me?

So Ele’s pivot on an idea of Ramonas was that you could offer a “how does this policy apply to me” service. You know how you get an communication from NRMA that says they’re changing 3.1c) in their terms to mean XYZ? Well on this website you put in all your policies and whenever one changes a person analyses it and can pull out the people who are affected or likely to be affected by the change and notify them. Essentially translating policy down to “how does this apply to me?”.

Can easily be done with question/answer stuff with the user and then somebody annotating/codifying a policy with the sorts of people that each clause affects. Then it’s just a matter of matching up the user profile with the data.

Can then be broadened to laws and legislation.

The whole business would be geared towards offering a service that an insurance agency would want to buy out.

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