Email auto-reply bot.

Work from your out­box, not your inbox. So this builds on a pre­vi­ous idea to be able to tag and cat­e­gorise email by task so that you can set work modes that you can work in. In this one, it extends that by hav­ing a bot which under­stands your con­ver­sa­tions. When you go to your out­box, it puts the email on the left and the bot-writ­ten-draft on the right. From there you can adjust and send. 

The idea is that it’s sav­ing peo­ple time by doing some of the typ­ing. You can still do stuff, but it might elim­i­nate some of it. Cou­ple it with one of the bots that can help book meet­ings and you’re going to be a long way towards hav­ing a per­son­al dig­i­tal PA or shadow-self.

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