A guided VR spiritual experience.

This is inspired by an article about (terminally ill?) people getting put in an MRI machine after taking LSD (in scientific conditions/dosages) and listening to guided meditation.

Essentially they a bunch of them listed this study as one of the most profound experiences of their life.

While trying to find this article I found mention of underground lsd guides.

My idea is to essentially create these VR experiences such that someone at home can take a guided, deeply spiritual trip. Perhaps the surreal nature of VR can invoke the same mechanics as LSD. Or at least make it so that lower doses can be used.

Like how much of it can you placebo? Lets say you play a game, and it’s a first person adventure game, and then someone in the game gives you a mushroom, and you eat it. The game starts to take on that surreal visual quality. Is that enough to sort of trick your brain into thinking you’re tripping? Perhaps if you’ve tripped before it can induce that state again.

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  1. gemmell says:

    This is heaps better as AR because it’s going to be changing the real world to be a complete trip!

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