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People only ever post success stories on LinkedIn it can make it feel like you’re the only one in the world not succeeding, so you post every little success you have, and thus the circle turns. I’m sure everyone on there feels like they’re not-as-successful-as-the-next-guy/gal.

This combined with this horrible story that a girl posted a poll on social media whether she should do herself in and the faceless internet citizens say “yes” and she did. Fuck you internet.

So this brought me to two ideas.

Vulnerable. This is a social media site dedicated to those who are feeling vulnerable and it is ruthlessly moderated for those who harbour ill will. The idea is that people come and sign up and get some support and stick around to support others that are going through that. It’s extreme in it’s policies, not even “hey look at my before and after, I’ve lost heaps of weight” is allowed because it makes others feel so shit.

Duality. This is a take on facebook where essentially each sign up has two “selves”. You’ve got your sunny side, and your dark side. You can choose to switch modes between the two, but the two sides don’t cross. No dark material is on the sunny side, and vice versa. I don’t know. It’s a kernel of an idea. Perhaps add the Vulnerable mode into that, so that Vulnerable people can’t see the dark side or the light side.

Like specific walled gardens for specific emotional states, but with a mental health sort of focus.

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