High Performance Spoken Language

So English etc has a 50% redundancy built in. That is, you can cut out 50% of speech and the other person can still understand statements. What would happen if we designed a language that had 0% redundancy. This is specifically designed for the internet era and geeks who are sitting in the same room. It has 0% redundancy, and if even a tiny portion of what you say is lost, you don’t “get it”. Would this allow you to communicate concepts and ideas much faster? In theory, less time is spent saying the words, and so yes. This is the first step towards brain 2 brain communication, because with no loss, and with no history, you can build a language for to fit this purpose correctly.

This is inspired by me watching youtube video’s on 2x to learn other programming languages. You get used to it, and all of a sudden you’re learning twice as fast, and as far as I can tell you don’t suffer any lack of understanding, because most of the time my brain is sitting there waiting for them to say or type the next thing anyway.

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