AI for suicide prevention

I was shocked to hear that 50% of sui­cide cas­es went for help and could­n’t find it. Life­line can have hour long wait times. ER can have a “there’s noth­ing wrong with you, go away” mentality.

My pro­pos­al is to take tran­scripts from inter­ac­tions on sys­tems like life­line, put them through GPT2 and gen­er­ate a bot that can act as the ear that some­one needs. Using googles new voice stuff it might be able to inter­act with a trou­bled per­son and give the impres­sion that it cares. It’s NOT a replace­ment for real ser­vices, but these peo­ple need help and they can­not find it. Per­haps ther­a­py bots will be the first to succeed.

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