Meta Secure

One of the prob­lems when send­ing MS Word doc­u­ments around is that some­times the meta data that is a part of them can leak inter­nal details. Things like actu­al meta data, but also com­ments and revi­sion his­to­ry. Typ­i­cal­ly when send­ing to an exter­nal col­lab­o­ra­tor you would have a sys­tem that strips all this infor­ma­tion. But what if you could have both? 

Intro­duc­ing Meta Secure. A sys­tem that encrypts the meta­da­ta with­in the file itself. You log into meta-secure and it decrypts any meta infor­ma­tion attached to the file (so long as you have access to decrypt it).

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2 Responses to Meta Secure

  1. Walkiria says:

    My favorite one!
    Not that hard, easy to mar­ket and get grants to devel­op it

    • gemmell says:

      But who is the mar­ket? I was orig­i­nal­ly think­ing lawyers, but maybe they don’t care or have oth­er solu­tions. If you can sell it, I can build it 😛

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