Kids Food: Blood & Guts

This product is a (probably canned) food good which appeals to a kids sense of adventure and “disgust”. Basically the flag ship product is called “Blood & Guts” and is kidney beans, spagetti, tomato sauce etc. The idea is that the kids eat it because it’s disgusting. “Dad can we have some BLOOD AND GUTS tonight?”. Other product lines are “Green Slime” which is mashed peas, and “Zombie Brains” which is cauliflower in some sort of clear sauce. The kids aren’t eating it for the taste, their feeding their imagination!

This is a two fold idea – it appeals to the parents because it’s HEALTHY. Essentially the kids are eating vegetables like cauliflower. It appeals to the kids because it’s COOL. I know as a kid I would have eaten stuff like that just because it’s called blood and guts.

Obviously it requires a pretty good advert campaign so that the kids know it’s there and the parents know it’s healthy. A double pronged attack might work there – kids style advertising at kid hours and adult style advertising at adult hours.

I can just see the kids walking around the super markets like zombie’s going “Braaiiiinnnns” due to some good advertising.

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