Kids Food: Blood & Guts

This prod­uct is a (prob­a­bly canned) food good which appeals to a kids sense of adven­ture and “dis­gust”. Basi­cal­ly the flag ship prod­uct is called “Blood & Guts” and is kid­ney beans, spaget­ti, toma­to sauce etc. The idea is that the kids eat it because it’s dis­gust­ing. “Dad can we have some BLOOD AND GUTS tonight?”. Oth­er prod­uct lines are “Green Slime” which is mashed peas, and “Zom­bie Brains” which is cau­li­flower in some sort of clear sauce. The kids aren’t eat­ing it for the taste, their feed­ing their imagination!

This is a two fold idea — it appeals to the par­ents because it’s HEALTHY. Essen­tial­ly the kids are eat­ing veg­eta­bles like cau­li­flower. It appeals to the kids because it’s COOL. I know as a kid I would have eat­en stuff like that just because it’s called blood and guts.

Obvi­ous­ly it requires a pret­ty good advert cam­paign so that the kids know it’s there and the par­ents know it’s healthy. A dou­ble pronged attack might work there — kids style adver­tis­ing at kid hours and adult style adver­tis­ing at adult hours.

I can just see the kids walk­ing around the super mar­kets like zom­bie’s going “Braai­i­i­innnns” due to some good advertising.

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